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A ‘psychotic zombie nympho’ Halloween costume is being criticised for stigmatising mental illness :-: Metro

METRO (Picture: Escapade) Choosing a Halloween costume is becoming increasingly complex. We used to just stick a sheet over our head, cut out some eye holes, and call it a day. Or we’d just nip to the costume shop and buy one of the ten options on offer. But as Halloween has grown bigger (blame the US), so has the range of costumes – and the potential issues connected

Retailers are removing an Anne Frank costume from their stores after massive backlash :-: Metro

METRO (Picture: Escapade) We’re not sure why anyone thought it’d be a good idea to sell a Halloween costume designed to make children look like Anne Frank. Yes, it’s important for children to be taught about the Holocaust and Anne Frank, but in a sensitive way that doesn’t make light of something truly awful. No, dressing up as Anne Frank is not a respectful, sensitive