No Plan to Lift JobSeeker Payment Rate: Social Services Minister

The Morrison government has denied it about to permanently lift the dole payment when the Treasurer makes a long awaited economic statement next month.

News Corp newspapers, citing senior ministers, had reported the JobSeeker payment would rise to $75 per day from $40 when the present enhanced version of the unemployment payment ends in September.

“There are no such proposals before the government or under consideration for the economic statement next month,” a spokesperson for Social Services Minister Anne Ruston told AAP.

“The government is focused on the next phase of short-term measures designed to address the COVID-19 crisis.”

The JobSeeker payment, formerly known as Newstart, was doubled to around $1100 a fortnight as a support measure during the pandemic.

Treasury has been reviewing both JobSeeker and the JobKeeper wage subsidy.

Senior Labor frontbencher Tanya Plibersek said people who had been forced on to the dole because of the coronavirus pandemic were in for a shock if the JobSeeker payment returned to its pre-crisis rate of $40 per a day.

“It is an inadequate payment, it doesnt allow people to live with dignity,” she told Sky News Sunday Agenda program

“We now have hundreds of thousands of extra people joining the dole queue, people who have been working full time until very recently that would very much struggle if whats now called JobSeeker went back to Read More – Source