Man rides horse from Shopian to Rajouri, both quarantined

JAMMU: A horse has been home quarantined in Jammu and Kashmirs Rajouri district after a man rode on it from Shopian district in Kashmir Valley to Rajouri district via the Mughal Road. Shopian has been categorized as red zone due to the prevalence of Covid-19 cases.
“A horse having a travel history from Shopian district of Kashmir has been quarantined by the Rajouri district administration as they do want to take any risk,” a police source said on Wednesday.
Confirming the matter, Rajouri SSP Chandan Kohli said, “A team of police intercepted a man on Tuesday evening who had travelled to Rajouri district from Shopian in Kashmir Valley via Mughal Road on a horse in Thanamandi area and immediately put under quarantine for having a travel history.”
“We have sent the horse owner to administrative quarantine but kept the horse in-home quarantine till further action,” said the SSP. The horse was kept under observation for the night and was medically screened for body temperature before being handed over to the family. Any sampling or clinical testing of the horse will depend on the symptoms if any.
SSP Kohli said the family has been asked to isolate the horse from other animals and not to go close to it till the test report of its rider is received. “The step was taken as a precautionarRead More – Source