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Coronavirus: Tennis’ US Open considers allowing limited number of fans

WASHINGTON (XINHUA) – The US Open tennis tournament is considering holding the Grand Slam in front of limited or possibly no fans, local media reported on Saturday (May 30). With the tournament still on schedule, the United States Tennis Association (USTA), which oversees the annual event, said holding this year's US Open with limited fans or without fans remains a possibility. "The USTA continues to model many different scenarios regarding the 2020 US Open," said Chris Widmaier, the USTA's head of communications. "Our top goal is to conduct the US Open in New York in our scheduled dates. To that end, we are modelling many potential scenarios which include both limited fans and potentially no fans on site for the event." The Open is scheduled to run from Aug 24 to Sept 13 at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Centre, and Widmaier says there is a deadline of mid-June to make a decision on whether or how to hold the event. ATP and WTA events are cancelled until July..


Football: Hungarian fans flock back to stadiums after two-month coronavirus lockdown

MISKOLC, HUNGARY (AFP) – Fans returned to Hungarian football stadiums at the weekend after a two-month break due to the coronavirus, a first in Europe where other leagues have resumed behind closed doors. The Hungarian Football Association (MLSZ) decided on Thursday (May 28) to allow clubs to let fans in for the first time since March on condition that every second row in stadiums remains empty, and that only every fourth seat is occupied. Outside the Diosgyor club stadium in the north-eastern city of Miskolc on Saturday before its game with Mezokovesd, their supporters said that they were glad to be back and meet fellow fans again. "We'll keep the rules as there could be closed-door games again if we screw up," said Richard Kovacs, 36. Some 2,255 spectators attended the game, one of six to take place in Hungary at the weekend, with the stands speckled with scattered fans. "The virus hasn't disappeared so we must keep the distance," said 18-year-old student Csaba Gaspari..

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