RSS: Why only Muslims, not other minorities, feel unsafe?

NEW DELHI: Why is there a perception that Muslims are “afraid” in India despite numbering over 16 crore, RSS joint general secretary Krishna Gopal asked while saying that other minorities, far less in numbers, felt safe in the country.
Gopal questioned the perception that Muslims were afraid in India, suggesting it was difficult to understand this when Parsis, Buddhists and Jains did not share such a perception.
Gopal said India never compromised on the principles of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam (entire world is one family) and sarve bhavantu sukhinah (all should be happy) and wanted that even Pakistan should prosper.
The RSS leader was speaking at a conference on Mughal prince Dara Shikoh — Icon of Composite Culture in the national capital on Wednesday.
Describing Dara Shikoh as the face of inclusiveness, Gopal said he was a true Muslim and had translated the Upanishads into Persian. He said inclusiveness and unity were always integral and an essential part of Indian culture.
Referring to an article written by Islamic scholar Raamish Siddiqui that Muslims should not be afraid as they were more than 16 crore in the country, Gopal said "it is a big question" as to why such a mindset exists.
“How many Parsis are there in India… hardly 50,000, Jains 45 lakh and about 80 lakh Buddhists are there. Jews are only 5,000. They are not afraid of anyone,” he said.
“Muslims are more than 16 crore, then why are they afraid? Why and from whom? It should be discussed," Gopal said and suggested that it could be due to a "divisive mindset" propagated by Mughal ruler Aurangzeb.
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