Three grandmas turn up to wedding wearing the same dress

Three matching grannies (Picture: Alex Campisi)

Its hard to know what to wear to a wedding (just dont wear white, youll never be forgiven).

So when three grandmothers were attending their respective grandson or granddaughters big day, they decided to go for an elegant and lacy number.

But apparently, the dress was a popular choice among the older demographic as all three of them turned up in the same exact outfit.

Alex Campisi who uploaded the picture revealed on Twitter that the trio was serving looks in matching blue attire in response to U.S TV presenter Jimmy Fallons call for wedding fails.

But considering how fab the ladies look, we dont think its a failure at all.

All three of the grandmothers unexpectedly showed up to the wedding in 👏🏼the👏🏼exact👏🏼same👏🏼dress!! #WeddingFail

— Alex Campisi (@aacampisi) June 19, 2019



While most of us might have some grievances with someone who shows up in an identical outfit, the grandmothers had no beef with one another.

They posed for pictures side by side and smiled away for the cameras.

One of them even jazzed up the look with a bit of bling.

They all went for some sensible flat shoes too though one of the grandmas was feeling a bit adventurous and had a tiny bit of a heel.

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Alexs tweet got more than 4,000 likes on Twitter and most people argued that the incident was not a fail at all.

This isnt a fail at all, in fact, its a win, wrote one person while another shared the sentiments, saying: This is not a fail, how adorable!

Someone else wrote: I wouldnt say that was a fail; they all looked really pretty and if anything had happened to the bridesmaids, they could have stepped right in! Or you could have just replaced them on the spot.

One person revealed that her grandma and her boyfriends also have the same exact dress (mustve been a sale at the shop selling it). So imagine those two grannies turned up to the wedding too.

We wouldve had a matching granny gang.



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