Senior FIFA Personal refused entry by UAE Authorities

A senior Fifa official was banned from visiting United Arab Emirates due to his Qatari citizenship. Saoud AL-Mohannadi, Vice President Asian football confederation, and Qatari Football Association and chairman of the Asian Nation Cup committee, was turned back and banned from getting into the country. The ban can only be interpreted as part of the political rift in the Persian Gulf area.
The ban was condemned by many human rights organisation and sports officials. FIFA is expected to make statements later on today.
Fifa Ethics and Regulations Watch organisation criticized United Arab Emirates for that action and described it as “unnecessary” and “unhelpful” and only a damage the universal message of world sports. The organisation regarded the step as a violation of the UAE’s commitment before the main football and sports association across the world.
It also considered the step as breach of the FIFA provisions and country’s commitment.
Therefore, it has invited the FIFA Disciplinary Committee who is responsible for imposing sanctions in accordance with the FIFA Disciplinary Code, to look into possible measures to held UAE to account.
Mr. AL-Mohannadi represents key International organisations and also a member association. Thus, a Fifa member state such as the United Arab Emirates must not violate its commitment.
FIFA Watch added “Meanwhile, the ban of Mr. Al Mohannadi seems to be “Politically Motivated” and falls within the dispute between Arab Gulf Countries such as UAE, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. However, this act has not only violated the statues of the FIFA but also its main guidelines such as human rights protection and Non-discrimination, gender equality and stance against racism.”

About FIFA Ethics and Regulations Watch
FIFA Ethics and Regulations Watch (FERW) is an independent organisation covering the work of FIFA through close observation and monitoring. The organisation is very keen to make FIFA “Corruption Free” organisation by constant follow up to make sure the Agency and its staff are in abidance with the international and external laws and regulations.