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Deputy Chief Border Patrol Agent Says Fences And Walls Are Just One Step In Stopping Illegal Immigration Crisis

Nick Givas | Media And Politics Reporter

Deputy Chief Border Patrol Agent Roy Villareal said on “Fox & Friends” Monday that “fences and walls” are just one step in securing the U.S. southern border.

He said Americas current illegal immigration crisis is “unprecedented” and called for a more comprehensive approach to border security. (RELATED: San Diegos Chief Border Patrol Agent Assures Public The Migrant Caravan Will Be Kept Out)

“In my 30 years of working for the Border Patrol, I have never witnessed the situation that were faced with today,” Villareal said. “We are being overwhelmed with migrants — principally family units and children and then people that are from countries other than Mexico.”

He also said ground sensors, cameras, drones, and other technology should be used in conjunction with a wall or fence to attack the issue from all sides.


“What we need along the border is a border enforcement system. There is no singular solution. What we need is a combination of factors,” Villareal added. “A border infrastructure, roads that provide access to the border, technology, ground sensors, night vision cameras, drones and then of course wall or fencing to secure the border. It is a comprehensive system. Its complex. Its multifaceted, and what we need is a entire border enforcement system.”

“After 30 years of working in border enforcement, I can attest to the fact that walls, border fences do work. I was here in the San Diego back in the late 80s, early 90s. We began putting up fences in the mid-1990s and that had a dramatic impact on the flow of illegal migration. … It brings control to the border.”

Villareal also said the idea of a border wall has nothing to do with a specific race or nationality.

“The wall doesnt see color. It doesnt see nationality. Its designed as a border security structure. Its designed to provide a delineation of the border. It provides an opportunity for agents to respond to any sort of traffic at the border, whether it be an illegal migrant, whether it be narcotic traffickers — whatever that threat may be it provides an opportunity for us to respond,” he concluded.

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