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Border Patrol Agent Reveals The Biggest Risks Associated With The Migrant Caravan

The president of the National Border Patrol Council came up with five reasons why the migrant caravan is dangerous and the risks it poses to the U.S.

Brandon Judd, who has served as a border patrol agent for over 20 years, stated that the first major issue was economical. There are 8 million illegal immigrants in the workforce, Judd said, citing FAIR.

He went on to list crime and the safety of U.S. border agents as additional reasons the caravan is dangerous. Just last weekend, officials were forced to close the San Ysidro port of entry after several hundred migrants attempted storming the border between Tijuana, Mexico, and the San Diego area. Border agents used tear gas to disperse the crowds trying to cross into the country. (RELATED: U.S. Border Agent Arrest MS-13 Gang Member Intending On Filing For Asylum In The United States)

Judd also brought up political unrest and drug smuggling to round up the top five reasons illegal immigration and the caravan pose dangers to the United States. He also noted that the threats arent limited to the U.S. — there are many dangers women and children are forced to go through in their trek to the border.

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