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MSNBC Correspondent: Democrats Should Worry About Latino Vote In Midterms

Scott Morefield | Reporter

MSNBC national political correspondent Steve Kornacki on Friday listed the Latino vote as a “worry area” for Democrats in November.

“If theres one worry area for Democrats in terms of November, thats it right there,” Kornacki told a panel on HBOs “Real Time With Bill Maher.” “And I think one of the issues there is its almost more fundamental.”

Citing recent polling that shows President Trumps approval at “41 percent with Latino voters,” Kornacki said that Democrats shouldnt expect to get a “lions share of the Latino vote” based on the immigration issue alone. In fact, according to the MSNBC correspondent, the top issue for Hispanics is the “economy.”

“One-third of Latinos identified as conservatives,” he said. “A quarter identified as Republicans. A poll there from a couple of weeks ago had Trumps approval in one hitting at 41 percent with Latino voters. Ive seen it between 35 and 41 percent.”

Kornacki also cited the groups “low participation level.” (RELATED: The Taylor Swift Effect? Marsha Blackburn Up BIG In Latest Tennessee Senate Poll)

“So if youre a Democrat and youre looking at California, Texas, Florida, couple other districts around the country where potentially the Latino vote will make or break you, I think thats your biggest concern right now,” Kornacki concluded. “You got the suburban energy, you got the money, I think thats a big factor for them.”


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