Tommy Hilfiger launches a new range of clothes that will track your movements

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Tommy Hilfiger launches a new range of clothes that will track your movements

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In this era of constant surveillance, we leave a digital footprint everywhere we go.

Our phones, laptops, watches are busy recording our activity and location all the time.

And if our tech wasnt enough, now our clothes are starting to do the same thing.

Tommy Hilfiger is fusing wearable tech and fashion with the launch of his Tommy Jeans Xplore range.

The new collection will see hoodies, jeans, skirts and accessories incorporate a Bluetooth chip in an attempt to create what the brand calls a micro-community of brand ambassadors.

The Xplore chip promises to track your movements and offer up rewards based on how much you wear your garms – with gift cards and Tommy clobber on offer. And therell also be bonuses for wearing your chipped clothes past certain Tommy Jeans locations which are marked on the accompanying Xplore app.

Wearers will be able to turn off tracking if they dont fancy being trapped in a real-life Black Mirror episode, but if you decide to withdraw then youll be disqualified from gaining any of the rewards.



So really its a choice between free Tommy gear and being easily stalked.

Its a toughie.

The concept is only available stateside for the time being but who knows, maybe well all soon be following each others Tommy avatar around London soon.

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