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Scared And Frail Harvey Weinstein Griped About Tight Handcuffs

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10:56 PM 05/25/2018







Harvey Weinstein may have been smiling as he made his perp walk in New York City to the courthouse on Friday, but he reportedly griped about the tightness of his handcuffs.

Law enforcement sources told the New York Post that Weinstein had to have not one, but three sets of handcuffs in order to “accommodate his wide waistline,” but the former Hollywood mogul “still whined that the cuffs were too tight.” (RELATED: WATCH: Harvey Weinstein Caught Smiling During Arrest [VIDEO])

After Weinstein was put into a holding cell, he reportedly griped, “I dont feel good.”

As the former movie producer was led in, a man yelled, “Oh, sh-t! Thats Harvey f—ing Weinstein!”

Sources said the 66-year-old Weinstein sat on the floor of the holding cell looking “scared and frail.” Page Six reports that he had difficulty walking as he went to court.

Weinstein — accused of rape, criminal sex acts, and sex abuse — was released on $1 million bail, but is under house arrest and cannot travel outside the states of New York or Connecticut. (RELATED: Rose McGowan, Other Celebs React To Harvey Weinstein Arrest [VIDEO])

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