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Pit Bull Turns On Owners Family, Sends 3 To The Hospital

A pit bull went rogue and attacked its own family earlier this week in Florissant, Missouri.

The event occurred near sunset on Monday. The pit bull attacked all members of the family of four, three of whom — one adult and two teens — had to be taken to the hospital for their leg and arm injuries.

The family managed to barricade the dog in a room before the pit bull could strike another innocent person. Police eventually arrived and took the dog into custody, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

The traumatized family — which had only owned the dog for a few months — told the authorities their dog was a pit bull. However, animal control tried to complicate the dogs origins by saying it was a pit bull-bulldog mix — a common tactic among pit bull advocates.

The town of Florissant previously had a building ordinance banning pit bulls, but the city council voted to strike it down last year.

The family should be thankful nobody died in the attack. Last week, two pit bulls murdered a 75-year-old woman in Gulfport, Mississippi. Her wrong move: she opened a fence gate. (RELATED: Pit Bulls Kill Elderly Woman In Mississippi)

Pit bulls are responsible for nearly two-thirds of all dog bite fatalities in America. (RELATED: Its Time For Common Sense Pit Bull Regulation)

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