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Today Is National Armed Forces Day. Celebrate With Some Of Americas Most Impressive Moments Of Force

Today, May 19, is National Armed Forces Day. The day was first dedicated by President John F. Kennedy in 1961 to celebrate and commemorate our armed forces, as well as the men and women in uniform who serve their country with dignity and honor.

Its no secret that the United States has the most impressive military on the planet. We went from being a small colonial militia to eventually winning both world wars, developing the atom bomb, and ruling the air, land, and sea. We manage to put fear in the hearts of terrorists and bad guys across the world every day. (RELATED: Air Force Weighs In On Laurel/Yanny Debate By Bragging About Killing Terrorists)

But sometimes, it helps to see our impressive military in action. And what better day to see the U.S. blowing up some terrorists than a day like today?

Take, for instance, this incredible footage of a B-52 bomber taking out a Taliban training camp in the remote hills of Afghanistan.

And its pretty hard not to be impressed by American forces dropping a MOAB, or the mother of all bombs, in Afghanistan.

One of the most iconic moments in the history of U.S. armed forces was when six U.S. Marines raised the flag atop rubble on February 23, 1945 in Iwo Jima.

Today lets honor the brave men and women who selflessly sacrifice in service to our country. Thank you. #ArmedForcesDay

— Heritage Foundation (@Heritage) May 19, 2018

And its pretty hard not to be moved every time you visit Arlington National Cemetery, our countrys most hallowed grounds. Especially when you hear “Taps” performed.

Its important to be thankful for our armed services every day. But on a day like today, we should take some time to thank those who have been willing to sacrifice everything in the name of freedom.

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