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The Top Five Healthiest Cities In America Might Surprise You

The top five healthiest cities in America have been revealed, and you might be a tad surprised.

The top five healthiest cities, according to the American Fitness Index, are:

  1. Arlington, Virginia
  2. Minneapolis, Minnesota
  3. Washington, DC
  4. Madison, Wisconsin
  5. Portland, Oregon

I did not see those five cities leading the list. Not one bit. Its a bit crazy because Im not exactly in outstanding shape at all, and Ive lived in three of these five cities. Ive spent substantial time in Arlington, Washington D.C. and Madison. Ive lived at least one year in each city, and several years in a couple of them.

Does this mean that wherever I go tends to become one of the healthiest on the planet? That sure is an unexpected twist of fate. We all know that despite being born with genetics you might not see in the next 1,000 years, I havent exactly taken care of myself too well. I consume way too much beer, Mountain Dew and meat to consider myself a pinnacle of health.

However, Im now starting to believe that Im super healthy. After all, science certainly wouldnt lie, right? Everywhere I go, Im just among the healthiest people in this country. I was kind of having a rough day, and now Im on cloud nine. What a crazy time to be alive! Cant wait to see where I take my talents to next and where they shoot up to in the rankings.

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