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Black Mans Death During Arrest Ruled A Homicide

A black mans death that occurred while police in Louisiana were trying to apprehend him has been ruled a homicide.

Keeven Robinson died last Thursday after being chased and arrested by the Jefferson Parish Sheriffs Office, according to CNN.

— JP Sheriffs Office (@JeffParishSO) May 14, 2018

According to the local coroner, Dr. Gerry Cvitanovich, the initial autopsy found significant injuries to the soft tissue of Robinsons neck. The doctor added that their his findings are consistent with compressional asphyxia, which is when the lungs are unable to expand, thus preventing them from being able to breathe.

Dr. Cvitanovich warned that the preliminary autopsy results are not conclusive and more tests are required to definitively determine the cause of death.

Family of Keevan Robinson speaking now @JeffParishSO – More @wdsu LIVE now.

— Travers Mackel (@TraversWDSU) May 14, 2018

Robinson had been under investigation by narcotic detectives when undercover officers tracked him down at a local gas station and tried to arrest him. He fled police, according to Lt. Jason Rivarde, a spokesperson for the Parish Sheriffs Office.

Robinson then rammed several police cars before getting in a crash himself. He then took off on foot, jumping several fences before being caught in the backyard of a residential area. According to Rivarde, once he was handcuffed, officers noticed he wasnt able to breathe. They administered life saving techniques to the Robinson, but to no avail.

The agencys officers are not equipped with body cameras or dash cameras, according to Rivarde.

The homicide ruling does not guarantee charges will be filed.

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