Inspiring Army-Navy Prayer, Anthem Upstages Barnburner of a Snowy Rivalry Game

Players stood for the national anthem and bowed for a prayer at the annual Army-Navy game in Philadelphia on Saturday.

In a game decided on the final play, the traditions upheld before kickoff drew the most attention. A combined Army-Navy glee club, a snowy field, and an inspiring prayer created a memorable scene.

But the sight of nobody kneeling for the national anthem and a stadium bowing in reverence for the prayer left some on social media upset.

Heard the prayer from the Army Navy game from 2 rooms away. Now I may puke.

— jesuswasntbornindecember (@rawlingseliza) December 9, 2017

That was an awful prayer at army navy game

— James Sledge (@JamesSledge) December 9, 2017

Wondering why the anti-kneeling crowd isn’t up in arms about the Christian prayer that was just said before the Army-Navy football game. I thought a football field wasn’t the place for things like that?

— Austin Scher (@Austin_Scher) December 9, 2017

That wasn’t a prayer. You demanded that God deem your wishes true. That’s blasphemy…#ArmyNavy

— Shawn Phillips (@_Shawn_Phillips) December 9, 2017

I’ve always appreciated the opening prayer of the Army Navy game being non-denominational for the most part, but maybe it’s time to honor the whole Seperation of Church & State thing? Idk.

— Kyle Van Cleave (@KyleVC) December 9, 2017

Not everybody complained.

Not only does EVERY player stand for the National Anthem during the Army/Navy game but they also have a prayer before the game. It's moments like this that makes me proud to be an American! Amazing how that works.

— Cory Zigterman (@ziggyc0311) December 9, 2017

May God bless all who serve in uniform, the shield of freedom and the sword of justice. Paraphrasing the opening prayer at the Army-Navy game.

— Charles Van Cott (@CharlesVanCott) December 9, 2017

It’s nice to see a chaplains prayer before the army navy game. They stand for the anthem. Completely different culture than the anthem hating NFL under Roger Goodell @NFL The staff and writers at GQ magazine would be disgusted if they attended this historic game.

— Karkinos (@KarkinosBC) December 9, 2017

Despite a strong Navy drive, marred by a few penalties, to end the game, the Midshipmen fell short—or, more precisely, wide left. Kicker Bennett Moehring missed a 48-yard field goal with time expiring in the snow that preserved a 14-13 victory for the Black Knights.

The win gives West Point their second straight in the series after dropping 14 in a row. But Navy owns the edge overall with a 60-51-7 record.

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