Campaign: Judge Roy Moore Will ‘Stand’ with Trump and Rebuild the Military

Alabama Senate Republican candidate Roy Moore, a West Point graduate and a Vietnam veteran, will stand with the president and rebuild the U.S. military, his campaign said in a statement this week.

“He understands that government’s first priority is the safety of its citizens, and nothing could be more important for our nation and our state than a vibrant and strong military. Roy Moore will stand with President Trump to rebuild the military and is the right choice for our Armed Forces and for our veterans,” it said.

The statement noted that Moore also has the strong support of veterans throughout the state of Alabama.

In contrast, Moore’s opponent, Democrat Doug Jones, would prioritize funding Obamacare at the expense of Alabama’s defense industry, Moore’s campaign said.

“Doug Jones was a vocal advocate for Barack Obama and all of his policies, and Jones supports massive spending increases on expanding federal government programs that will necessarily require a choice between cuts in our national defense or bankruptcy. In addition to putting the nation’s security at risk, Jones’ policies will also severely impact Alabama’s economy and job force,” the campaign said.

The Obama administration oversaw massive cuts to the defense budget, after the 2011 Budget Control Act mandated $500 billion in defense cuts over ten years if Congress was not able to agree on tax and spending reform. Those cuts came on top of an already planned $487 billion in cuts in defense.

“Obama gutted America’s military in a way that not only encouraged our enemies but discouraged our allies and put longstanding relationships with friends like Israel at risk. Alabama has always been a strong industrial supporter of our military, and we should maintain that role with pride,” the statement said.

“The world becomes unstable during times of American weakness. That weakness should never be self-imposed. Our enemies will only stand down when America stands up,” it said.

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