Just Eat is letting people order takeaways with a magic wand

The new must-have gadget to show off to friends is here.

Forget the Alexa or the Apple Watch, because Just Eat has today launched a magic wand for ordering takeaways.

The suspiciously elongated gadget is the latest addition to the crowded British mantlepiece, and will enable users to order Chinese with the flick of a wrist.

By drawing a letter 'C' in the air, the wand can summon a Chinese takeaway based on the user's most recent order.

The same goes for 'I' for Indian, and 'P' for pizza.

Professor Charles Spence, a food psychologist at the University of Oxford, said that the additional element of fun could even make the food taste better.

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“A wand has a special place in our psyche, thanks to the popularity of magic shows and Harry Potter," he said. "It appeals to our inner child and evokes happy memories. Anything that makes your mind happier, makes your taste buds happier.”

But just to make sure nobody gets too carried away by the fun of it all, the orders are limited to one per hour. So your overexcited child will only order one accidental kebab instead of 73.

It marks another move by Just Eat to hop on new trends in technology. Its services are already available via Amazon Alexa, XBox, and Facebook Chatbot.

We are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to use technology to offer more choice, ease or simply to make the takeaway experience more enjoyable’, said UK managing director Graham Corfield.

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