‘Record breaking’ rainbow sparks online search for pictures (VIDEO)

A meteorological expert is seeking to enter the Guinness World Records after filming what he believes to be the longest lasting rainbow on record.

The colorful phenomenon, the result of light refraction off water droplets, was filmed for nearly 9 hours in Taipei, Taiwan.

A timelapse video shows how the radiant rainbow dimmed and illuminated near the hillside of the Chinese Culture University. Professor of atmospheric sciences Kun-Hsuan Chou helped document the rainbow from the college campus.

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Details surrounding the extraordinary rainbow were posted by Chou online. They reveal the multicolored arc began at 6.57am and lasted until 3.55pm local time on November 30. Typically, a rainbow lasts for around an hour.

Chou is now requesting the public send him time stamped images from that day in order to prove the rainbow’s record-breaking credentials.

According to Taiwan News, Chou has managed to gather 10,000 images but hopes to collect up to 36,000 to create a complete time-lapse of the event. Called the “rainbow clock,” the 36,000 image timelapse is nearly one picture per second of the nine-hour phenomenon.

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The previous world record for a continuous rainbow is six hours, according to the Guinness World Records, and was observed in the United Kingdom in 1994.

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