Trains collide near Dusseldorf, passengers trapped & injured (PHOTOS)

A passenger and a freight train collided in Meerbusch in western Germany. People are trapped and injured. Emergency services are on scene, but rescue efforts are being hampered by a fallen power line.

There have been conflicting reports as to the number of injuries, with the police, as cited by the national broadcaster ARD, claimed there were up to 50 injured, while the Meerbusch fire department claims just five people have been injured but up to 150 passengers may still be trapped on board the train. Meanwhile German Rail has said 20 people were injured in the accident, reports RP Online.

Meerbusch is a town approximately 10km outside of the German city of Dusseldorf. The local fire department have shared some of the first images from the scene online, showing the extent of the damage sustained in the collision.

Unsere Einsatzkräfte sind im Bereich der Unfallstelle eingetroffen. Derzeit wird die Lage sondiert und mit den anderen Hilfsorganisationen koordiniert. Die Verdorgung der Personen im Zug genießt hohe Priorität. Weitere Infos folgen. Die @Fw_Kaarst ist ebenfalls im Einsatz.

— Feuerwehr Meerbusch (@FWMeerbusch) December 5, 2017

The fire department reports that several people are still trapped on board the train as rescue services attempt to deactivate the power supply and safely remove all injured parties still left on board.

The cause of the collision has yet to be determined. The spokesperson for the Meerbusch fire department would not confirm the extent of the injuries sustained until further information becomes available.

Firefighters from the nearby town of Kaarst are assisting in the rescue operation.

Weiterhin behindert der abgerissene Fahrdraht den Zugang zum Zug. Dieser soll aber in den nächsten Minuten nach Erdung möglich sein.

— Feuerwehr Meerbusch (@FWMeerbusch) December 5, 2017

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