Five Code Red Sirens Sound in Israeli Communities Near Gaza


byBreitbart Jerusalem5 Dec 20170

Ynetnews reports: Five Code Red rocket alert sirens were sounded in the Eshkol Regional Council in southern Israel on Monday night. The first siren sounded at 1:48 am, followed by four other sirens at 2:54 am, 4:14 am, 4:51 am and 5:03 am. There were no reports of injuries or damage and no rocket remains were found on the ground.

The IDF confirmed its systems had detected rocket launches, but later reported that “in light of the similarity between the five launches and their unusual nature, there may have been a malfunction.” IDF forces will expand their searches for rocket remains in the morning hours. The sirens may have been activated as a result of battles between the Egyptian army and ISIS operatives in Sinai, near the Israel and Gaza borders.

A particularly unusual barrage of mortar shells was fired at an IDF outpost north of the Gaza Strip on Thursday afternoon by the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, prompting retaliation from the army. The shells followed earlier gunfire aimed at the post. The 10-12 shells that were fired fell in open areas near the outpost, and no one was hurt.

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