EXCLUSIVE – Jihadists Claim One Month Ceasefire in Works for Islamic State in Syrian Province

Breitbart Jerusalem has obtained a list of conditions purportedly drafted by the Islamic State in response to a ceasefire offer from Syrian opposition elements, meant to include IS on one side and Turkey, the Kurdish PKK and even the U.S. military on the other.

Palestinian jihadists in Gaza received the document through Palestinian IS fighters in Syria but refused to say who from among the Syrian opposition groups had made the alleged ceasefire offer or what their intentions might be.

The document could not be authenticated and there is no evidence that it was presented to any party other than Gazan jihadists.

According to the IS list of conditions, the offer is for a one month ceasefire to begin on November 28.

Gazan jihadists say the IS document was given to Syrian opposition mediators and includes the border of the geographic areas to be included in the ceasefire. The terrorist organization didn’t commit to preventing “military activities against elements that are not a party to the ceasefire agreement.”

IS demanded the complete cessation of any military activities against the organization, including air strikes, in the area discussed in the ceasefire agreement, known to IS as Wilyat Al Baraqe, otherwise recognized as the Syrian district of Al Hasaqah in northeastern Syria.

In the document, the organization demands that each of the sides included in the ceasefire present a coordinator on its behalf to “act as a hotline to prevent disputes and avoid provocative steps along the ceasefire line.”

IS also demanded that negotiations begin for prisoners of all of sides and even suggested an apparatus to solve disputes between the sides included in the agreement. The murderous Islamist extremist organization also demanded that those included in the agreement not prevent anyone who wishes from traveling to the territories controlled by IS, whether they be Syrian civilians or “immigrants,” meaning the organization’s fighters who don’t hold Syrian citizenship.

The organization also demanded in the documents that goods be allowed into and out of the territory under its control, that the oil wells in its territory not be attacked and that IS members be allowed out of the terrorist organization’s territory to receive medical care elsewhere.

IS stressed, however, that the ceasefire would end on December 28 and that the organization would not abandon its commitments. The organization also said that it should not be considered responsible for any individual activities not authorized by the jihadist group.

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