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Beef Jerky Thief Sought by Oklahoma Authorities, Dubbed ‘Meat Bandit’

Oklahoma City Police are seeking help from the public via their official Twitter account to catch a “meat bandit” allegedly stealing hundreds of dollars-worth of beef jerky from a convenience store.

The OKCPD reports that a bearded white male and shoulder-length brown hair wearing classes and a black Adidas hoodie “stole” $400 in beef jerky product from a local convenience store.

This man stole over $400 in beef jerky from an OKC convenience store. Crime Stoppers 405-235-7300 or if you recognize the meat bandit!

— Oklahoma City Police (@OKCPD) November 30, 2017

Naturally, the tweet’s cheeky tone inspired some online denizens tracking the crime to roast the report with beefy puns, flanked by hot takes.

This case seems cut and dried, but if u r still looking for tips I suggest sirloin.

— kernelof wisdom (@kernelofwisdom) November 30, 2017

— Bobbi (@CrazycatSocks) December 1, 2017

To catch the meat bandit, I suggest a steak out. It’s rare, but when it works it’s a job well done.

— kernelof wisdom (@kernelofwisdom) November 30, 2017

— Cody Laurendi (@CLaurendi23) December 1, 2017

— Dave Gibson (@dagibby) December 1, 2017

In the best Ving Rhames voice, “he has the meats!!”

— Jøsiah del Rey (@vivajosiah) December 1, 2017

Oklahoma City Police request that citizens with information on the matter call 405-235-7300 “if you recognize the meat bandit!”

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