Melania’s White House decorations invoke powerful sense of Christmas doom

Melania's White House decorations invoke powerful sense of Christmas doom
Eek (Picture: Stephanie Grigham/ Twitter)

Deck the halls with boughs of PURE DREAD.

It’s almost Christmas, so the Trumps have decided to celebrate by turning the White House into Mordor.

And we’re not the only ones who think so.

Melania’s director of communications Stephanie Grisham tweeted a photo of the terrifying hallway of doom, writing: ‘The holidays are upon us!!’


As you’d expect, people responded with an appropriate level of fear and anxiety

Are Christmas decorations supposed to give you creeping anxiety and a feeling of lingering dread?

— amanda hugandkiss (@wendybyrdm) November 27, 2017

And said it reminded them of their worst Christmas nightmares

This year's theme: A Blair Witch Christmas

— Eight is a lot of legs, David (@muttsandersbro) November 27, 2017

Every time I look away and reload this pic, the Christmas tree is closer to the camera.

— Matthew D Smith (@Smith_M_D) November 27, 2017

If the theme is very haunted, very gauche hotel, she nailed it

— Oh man we can have really long display names now (@grenadine) November 28, 2017

And we’ve got exclusive footage of Melania and her creative team working on the decorations, behind the scenes…

It’s quite a change from the Obamas’ decorations, which were a bit less… horrifying

Melania Trump's terrifying Christmas
Much less terrifying (Picture: Getty Images)

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