Sorry… there’s no Bank Holiday for the Royal wedding

From joy to despair… the nation has had an emotional rollercoaster of a Monday.

Downing Street has shut down any talk of a Bank Holiday for the nation to celebrate the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, announced earlier today.

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A spokesperson has said there are "no plans" for a Bank Holiday when it takes place next Spring, something that's been met with many a people's disappointment.

Of course, the country was treated to the extra day off during the previous Royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton back in 2011. Looks like a Bank Hol's only a goer if its the heir to the throne walking down the aisle.

Sadly, neither is a Bank Holiday scheduled in for the birth of the Royal baby which is also happening around the same time.

Here's the excitement that had sprung up about a potential day off…

Hearing 'royal wedding' and immediately thinking 'bank holiday'

— Robyn Frost (@RobynHFrost) November 27, 2017

Prince Harry marry her swiftly please I would like bank holiday

— Lazarus (@ProfKumi) November 27, 2017

Yeah… but… do we get a bank holiday? #PrinceHarry

— Verity Cowley (@veritycowley) November 27, 2017

i want a bank holiday Harry

— Neil Wilson (@neilwilson_etx) November 27, 2017

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