Innocent woman knocked down by Israeli ‘skunk cannon’ targeting ultra-Orthodox protesters (VIDEO)

An innocent passerby trying to cross the street in Jerusalem on Sunday has been hit in the back of her head and sent flying several meters away by an Israeli police skunk-water cannon, deployed against ultra-Orthodox Jews protesting army conscription.

A crowd of protesters staged yet another sit-in, obstructing traffic at the corner of Jaffa Road and Nordau Street in the center of Jerusalem in protest against the compulsory military draft of ultra-Orthodox Jews. To disperse the gathering, Israeli police resorted to the so-called “skunk” cannons loaded with stinking fluids. Not without some collateral damage, though.

A woman who attempted to quickly cross the street between the police and protester lines was hit directly in the back of her head, according to a video by RT’s Ruptly. The sudden impact sent her flying several meters away and then sliding along the pedestrian crossing.

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Further footage showed Jewish protesters being repeatedly struck by water torrents, before police officers move in to drag them away from. According to authorities at least 35 demonstrators were arrested on Sunday for “disrupting public order, blocking traffic, attacking civilians and police officers.”

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