Brussels could impose its own rules on UK during Brexit transition period

Brussels could impose new rules over the UK during any Brexit transition period, a newspaper report claims.

According to leaked documents seen by the Independent, the EU's chief negotiator Michel Barnier would offer a good transitional deal if the UK automatically accepted rules from the bloc during that time.

A transitional deal during which the relationship between the EU and the UK can be untied is backed by business, with leaders warning that details of such a deal are needed imminently or they will start triggering contingency plans.

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Talks are due to move on to trading relationships post-Brexit, including any potential transition, on 4 December. However, Prime Minister Theresa May is under pressure on several fronts with the clock ticking – EU Council president Donald Tusk warned on Friday of the deadline for a final Brexit divorce bill and a solution to the problem of an Irish border.

Such rules would apply after the UK leaves the EU officially in March 2019 and would involve "automatic application in the UK of new EU rules", according to the report.

The leak suggests that the UK would continue to be subject to EU rules after leaving, but would not be involved in drafting them.

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