The Sonos One is the Alexa-powered smart speaker we’ve been waiting for

The Sonos One is the audio manufacturer’s first voice-controlled smart speaker. And, thankfully for those of us who are beginning to struggle to remember the names of the rapidly growing selection of virtual assistants, Sonos has decided to adopt Amazon’s Alexa, rather than invent Sonos Sophie.

Sonos is best known for its selection of linked, multi-room speakers, which can synchronise your music around the home or create ad hoc surround sound setups by pairing speakers together.

Alexa, meanwhile, is a continually improving artificial intelligence by Amazon, who can play music and audiobooks using voice commands, update you on sports results and tomorrow’s weather, tell bad jokes, control lightbulbs and perhaps one day launch the nukes that will obliterate all life on Earth.

The pairing of quality speaker and clever assistant in the Sonos One could hardly be more appropriate. The speaker sounds fantastic, and integrates with every major music streaming service going, allowing you to bark requests from across the room and have your chosen music play across your fulsome array of linked Sonos speakers.

Support for the Google Assistant is slated to arrive in 2018 too, at which point the Sonos One has the potential to become the obvious choice of smart speaker, with assistant-agnostic voice controls, underpinned by high-quality audio and multi-room technology. A marriage made in audio-heaven.

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