Monkey forced to wear doll’s head and jeans as it’s tied up on roadside

Monkey forced to wear doll's head and jeans as it's tied up on roadside
The stuff of nightmares, a masked monkey in Indonesia pictured yesterday (Picture: Shutterstock)

If the Jungle Book was a horror story then this monkey would have a starring role.

The long-tailed monkey is dressed in jeans and forced to a wear dolls mask as it performed yesterday for tourists in Boyolali, Indonesia.

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The peculiar performing masked monkeys have been a familiar sight in Boyolali since the 1980s when they were used to entertain poor slum children.

However, the influx of tourists meant monkeys which can perform tricks and be trained became in demand and their owners began dressing them as humans.

They are usually long-tailed monkeys and are stolen from their mothers whilst still being breastfed.

Monkey forced to wear doll's head and jeans as it's tied up on roadside
Chained and abused, this monkey was in Boyolali, Indonesia yesterday (Picture: Shutterstock)

The tricks they are taught usually mimic human behaviour and include praying or smoking a cigarette.

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They also have props including sunglasses and some have been forced to learn to ride miniature bicycles.

Authorities in Indonesia’s capital Jakarta clamped down on performing monkeys in 2011 and sanctioned the purchase of the animals from their owners.

Over 40 monkeys were rescued but when they were tested they were carrying diseases including tuberculosis and hepatitis.

Monkey forced to wear doll's head and jeans as it's tied up on roadside
Beggars use monkeys to perform tricks at traffic junctions in Indonesia (Picture: Shutterstock)
Mandatory Credit: Photo by Arief Setiadi/PACIFIC PRE/SIPA/REX/Shutterstock (9238167m) A long-tailed monkey, wearing jeans and a doll's head performs on the streets of Boyolali Begging using long-tailed monkeys, Boyolali, Indonesia - 23 Nov 2017
Unmasked: The long-tailed monkey plays with the dolls head it is forced to wear (Picture: Shutterstock)

In 2013 there was an outright ban in Jakarta after animal welfare charities demanded action from the government.

However, as these pictures prove, there are still ruthless owners who are prepared put the creepy masked monkeys to work on the streets for cash.

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