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After a lot of hard work (but thankfully not too much blood and tears), today we announced the public launch of the appScatter platform. Head over and take a look – we’d love to hear your thoughts!

For the last year or so we’ve been adding interested parties to a waitlist. Those patient souls will now be invited to use the platform to start distributing and managing their apps across 50 of the world’s best app stores.

Throughout this year we have been cherry-picking organisations from our waitlist to try out the platform ahead of the public launch. That was in part to test the system and iron out any unexpected behaviours, but also to see what clients wanted to see in the platform. We have used their feedback to improve appScatter’s functionality and build some cool new elements into our product roadmap.

1 Billion Apps

We also launched our App Store Data API service recently, which makes available the significant app store dataset we collect each day. We have been collecting daily app data from app stores since 2014 in order to rank information and publisher details. The API Service features historical app store data, including app intelligence from the Apple App Store, the Google Play store and 15 major alternative app stores worldwide.

We hope the app store data will be a valuable forecasting and planning tool for app developers and designers across all business sectors.

The size of the dataset is quite staggering. The total number of app URLs

(the actual volume of app instances on each app store, across each territory) we now track is over 976 million – and we expect to hit the magic 1 billion app URLs tracked in mid December.

In-App Billing Solution

We were also delighted to launch the our Android Software Developer Kit, on GitHub which is used by 25 million developers. The SDK allows developers to integrate in-app billing in multiple Android app stores, including Amazon, Bemobi, Samsung and the Google Play Store. The SDK uses each store’s native in-app billing service, or a third-party billing service for app stores without in-app billing. This will enable developers to monetise their apps across a wider market.

So all in all, a fairly busy couple of weeks at appScatter!

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