‘I never used to eat salads’: how to look like Kate Moss (according to Kate Moss)

How does the supermodel exercise? Can she cook? And what’s on the menu? (Spoiler: eggs, roasts and sometimes a bit of salad.) Here, she reveals her beauty secrets

Kate Moss doesn’t do interviews. “Never complain, never explain” has been the publicity-shy model’s mantra throughout her 25 years at the top of fashion modelling. But, as her career branches out into styling for Vogue, running her own model agency and working with Japanese skincare brand Decorté, she granted me a rare chance to talk beauty over afternoon tea. I wasn’t expecting the legendary party girl with a devil-may-care attitude to politely refuse a glass of champagne and extol the benefits of daily workouts and occasional juicing, but here we were. As she sat, her glowy face all smiles and giggles, dressed in a leopard sweater and chic black flares, Croydon’s most famous export revealed just how she maintains her iconic looks.

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