Some people think the M&S Paddington Christmas ad is very rude indeed

Is the M&S Christmas ad starring Paddington Bear a strictly post-watershed affair?

Some people think they spotted a ‘f-ck you- in the TV ad, which is basically a trailer for Paddington Bear 2 but with loads of product placement.

Have a watch yourself and see if you can hear it.

Mrs Brown has just shown me the new @MarksAndSpencer Christmas advert. I wonder if it’s too early for mince pies?

— Paddington (@paddingtonbear) November 7, 2017

Clock it? Yes? No?

Just saw the M&S Christmas advert, when Santa hugs Paddington we thought he said "fuck you little bear" instead of thank you

— Luce (@LuceValentine1) November 7, 2017

That Paddington Christmas adverts so cute!!But keep thinking he’s saying “Oh fuck you little bear” everytime he hugs him?!#lovethebear ❄️??

— elphie (@lil_elph) November 7, 2017

Uhhh, does anyone else hear "fuck you, little bear" on the M&S Christmas ad? Leave Paddington alone!

— Katy Phillips (@MeanwhileinBln) November 7, 2017

Here it is again – the ‘f-ck you’ cut.

What do you think? No publicity is good publicity right? Except in this case they might make an exception.


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