Just in case you’re not already suitably enraged by the Paradise Papers leak

Here’s @JamesMelville on Twitter putting the scale of the issues raised by the Paradise Papers revelations into perspective.

— James Melville (@JamesMelville) November 6, 2017

It prompted a lively debate, as you might expect.

It’s not about benefit fraud. It’s about the fact there are too many feckless people claiming and not working

— Rural (@R34lly_rur4l) November 6, 2017

Completely missing the point, while simultaneously swallowing Tory anti-welfare propaganda whole like a hungry seal.

I'm almost impressed

— #ForTheMany ✊?❄️ (@Amethystra80) November 6, 2017

Not propaganda. Far to many, thick, lazy, feckless, entitled people relying on the state.

— Rural (@R34lly_rur4l) November 6, 2017

Yes they're called the upper classes.

— #ForTheMany ✊?❄️ (@Amethystra80) November 6, 2017

Here’s pretty much the same story, but in a different kind of graphic.

And again, benefit fraud versus tax fraud for people that prefer circles over bars

— Ken McColl (@kenmccoll) November 6, 2017

And don’t forget the Daily Mail in all of this.

#Panorama On the subject of tax avoidance, here's Private Eye's exposé of the owner of the Daily Mail

— will thorpe (@withorpe) November 6, 2017



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