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Comey: I Wasnt Making Fun Of Trump In My Book

Screen Shot James Comey (ABC: April 17, 2018) Photo of Amber Athey

9:55 AM 04/17/2018







Former FBI Director James Comey claimed on Tuesday that he wasnt making fun of President Trump in his book when he described his appearance.


In his new book “A Higher Loyalty,” Comey brings up Trumps spray tan and goggle lines, the size of his hands and whether or not his blonde hair is real.

ABCs George Stephanopolous asked Comey during a “Good Morning America” interview on Tuesday how he would respond to people criticizing his attacks on the president.

“A lot of people say you put too many petty personal details in the book about President Trump talking about his hair, hand size, speculation about the tanning goggles,” Stephanopolous said. “A lot of critics say that struck them as beneath you getting down to the sandbox with President Trump. Any regrets?”

Comey insisted that people criticizing him havent fully read the book and that he was just trying to “bring readers with me into the room.”

“So I describe all kinds of people in great detail to try and create a vivid image for the reader,” Comey asserted. “Im not trying to make fun of President Trump. Im not trying to make fun of anybody. But if you read the whole book youll see Im trying to give you that picture.”

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